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will be closed

Chester County is now in the Green Phase as of June 26, 2020
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At this time we do not know when we will reopen

Due to the COVID 19 Coronavirus concerns,
federal, state and county declarations,
and concerns for our senior residents,
ALL congregate lunches, programs, AARP tax appointments,
exercise classes, and evening community group meetings
have been cancelled until further notice.

For updates visit our website at
Facebook page
or call (610) 932-5244

Please Be Safe!!

Please visit our COVID-19 Update page for more information

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Now that we’re in the “good ole’ summertime” it’s time to kick back and relax. Get a good book and sit by a fan, prop up your feet and “chill out”! Seriously, be careful; drink cool beverages, avoiding alcohol & caffeine, wear lightweight clothing, avoid strenuous activity, and come to the center where it’s air-conditioned!!!

One area you don’t want to relax in is protecting your identity. I’ve recently obtained a list of ways to minimize your risk of Identity Theft:

  1. Never give your whole S. S. #. Last 4 digits or other I. D. will do.
  2. When buying new checks, use only your first initial and last name. PO Box is best for address. Your bank knows how you endorse a check, a thief won’t! Close all inactive accounts.
  3. Keep your hand over the ATM key pad. Memorize your pin # - don’t write it anywhere. Be sure the ATM “looks” like a real ATM.
  4. Cut up old or expired credit cards. Close inactive accounts.
  5. Invest in a shredder. Shred any trash with account and/or S.S. numbers on it.

Another area not to relax in is Investment Fraud. Here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim:

  1. Before you invest, talk to someone you trust – family member, banker, accountant.
  2. Junk Mail? Delete or tear it up. The Web site www.opt-out.cdt.org/online provides links to remove your info from sites containing personal information.
  3. Before making investments, check with $AIF. Visit www.corp.ca.gov or call 866-ASK-CORP. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  4. Register with the National Do Not Call Registry, a free government service, so you won’t receive telemarketing calls. www.donotcall.gov.
  5. If you have already fallen for a scam, change your phone number so you won’t be on a “sucker’s list” that is sold to other crooks.

Seniors are targeted because many are lonely or bored. That’s why it is so important to keep occupied. Come to the Senior Center regularly and be around other people. Idle minds can think of a lot of foolishness. Stay busy.

Those of you who have a Medicare Part D Plan remember that the “open enrollment period” to reevaluate & change your plan is from October 15, 2020 to December 7, 2020. Don’t procrastinate!! Wait until after Dec. 7th & you’ll be stuck with your old plan all of 2021 which may go up in price and/or change formulary so as to not cover what you take now.

If you or someone you know is turning 65 or going on Medicare soon, be sure to attend the Medicare 101 Seminars online with the Chester County Library system (https://www.ccls.org/ then click on Events Calendar, you can search for “Medicare” or search by library). They will have answers to questions regarding how to sign up, what to look for in insurance and what is good information or junk mail that will be flooding your mail box. Have a friend or relative watch with you as you watch these informative classes.

Be sure to return & sign the white info sheet that was included in last months newsletter, and please answer all of the questions. The Department of Aging requires us to obtain this information and our future funding could be determined by the number of people we serve and can substantiate by having this info. You need to be counted so please help us assist you. Thanks for your cooperation. We want to be able to serve you the best we can.

The deadline for filing PA RENT & TAX REBATE Forms has been extended to December 31st. Neighborhood Services will be able to help, call 610-932-8557 for assistance.

Farmer’s Market Vouchers are being distributed by mail this year. Applications are available on the Office of the Aging web site. https://www.chesco.org/135/Aging. (Read more below)

Stay cool and have a great August!


2020 Senior Farmer's Market
Nutrition Program (SFMNP

Due to social distancing requirements, the PA Department of Agriculture has revised the 2020 SFMNP check distribution and are requesting that the preferred method of communication regarding the program be electronic.

  • Eligible check recipients must complete and return the “2020 Application Form” to CCDAS.
  • CCDAS will electronically send the 2020 Application Form to those requesting form.  If an individual does not have electronic capability, the form will be mailed to them.
  • 2020 Application Form will be available on the CCDAS website chesco.org/aging.
  • CCDAS will mail checks to eligible recipients following the receipt and confirmation that all required information has been completed.
  • Basic Rules and Regulations will be included in the envelope with the checks. This document includes information regarding the program; how to access Market Information; list of Eligible Fruit and Vegetables and how to access Nutrition Education.
  • Each eligible recipient will receive four(4) $6.00 checks for a total benefit of $24.00 for the program year.
  • Prior to going to the market, recipients must sign in the “Signature Recipient or Proxy” block on the front of the checks or take a pen with them to the market.
  • Recipients may place orders online with SFMNP approved farmer’s markets; however they must pay with the paper SFMNP checks. Markets cannot charge an on-line order fee. If you are aware of markets charging an on-line order fee, email mwebb@chesco.org  with the name of the market.
  • Proxy Forms are not needed and will not be used this year.
  • A proxy may go to market to make purchase for the senior. Senior must sign the check(s) and the Proxy must also sign the check(s) prior to going to the market.

Eligible seniors requesting SFMNP checks must complete the 2020 Application Form. If two eligible seniors live in the same household, i.e. husband & wife, one form may be completed.  Each eligible senior must complete their information and signature line.

In order to receive checks the following information must be completed: Participant Name – type or print, Birth Date, Signature – if typed must use script font, Address – type or print, Telephone Number, County you live in, Ethnicity – appropriate identifier must be circled or if completed electronically check marked, Race – appropriate identifier must be circled or if completed electronically check marked.

Electronic signatures will be accepted. If signature is typed on the form, script font must be used.

Completed form is to be returned electronically to: mwebb@chesco.org

If senior does not have the capability to electronically return completed form, form may be mailed to: Chester County Department of Aging Services, 601 Westtown Road, Suite 320, West Chester, PA 19380

Program eligibility requirements have not changed for 2020. Recipient Eligibility: Seniors who are 60+ years old during the program year and meet the income requirements are eligible for SFMNP. Income is total income including interest, Social Security, wages, etc.. The SFMNP does not include seniors who are living in nursing home facilities, convents and residential facilities where meals are provided.

Income Guidelines: SFMNP is a self-declaration program. Check recipients are not to be asked to provide proof of income.

Income is determined by household. All members of the household are to be considered. A household is a group of related or non-related individuals who are living together as one economic unit.

Margee Webb
Chester County Department of Aging

# in household monthly yearly
$1,967 $23,606
$2,657 $31,894
waiting for USDA approval

APPRISE is still available to help with Medicare Questions

Even though the Oxford Area Senior Center is closed to activities due to the current pandemic, APPRISE Medicare counseling is still available to you for your Medicare questions or issues. You can reach us through the senior center’s main number 610-932-5244 or through our APPRISE Helpline at 610-344-5004 option 2. The APPRISE counselor will then contact you by phone within 24-48 business hours.

APPRISE Counselors can help you to understand your health care coverage options so you can make sound choices - both when new to Medicare and on an ongoing basis – choices that contribute to both your physical and financial health.

Our services are confidential, unbiased, informative and free. To assist us in this process, we use the online resources provided at Medicare.gov. In addition, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides access to a database listing, for each Medigap plan available in our county, the premium charged, financial ratings, premium increase history, and expected premium increases. We can save you hours of legwork.

APPRISE counselors also screen Medicare beneficiaries for low-income assistance programs that can assist in paying for Medicare Part B and Part D premiums, as well as PACE/PACENET, and can facilitate an application for these programs.

Finally, we help people who need to file an appeal or submit a complaint about medical or prescription drug coverage.

In Chester County APPRISE operates under the Chester County Department of Aging Services. We are funded through the Administration for Community Living under the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Chester County Fook Bank
Chester County Senior Food Box Program (CCSFBP)

Is a county funded program that helps seniors gain access to nutritious foods so they can better improve their health.

If you or someone you know is at least 60 yrs. old and has low income, please register for the CCSFBP box that is available to qualifying seniors each month.

Each box may contain packaged fruit, non-perishable proteins, vegetables, carbyhydraes & dairy!!

Proof of age is required at sign up. There is no charge for this food. If you qualify then CCSFBP Box can be picked up the 1st Monday of every month between 1:00-3:00pm.

For more information contact

Sally Arter

(610) 932-5244
12 East Locust Street
Oxford, PA 19363




From time to time we all know we need information but have no idea how to find answers.



The Chester County Department of Human Services is pleased to introduce Refer Web, an Information and Referral web-based application. Simply visit their website at www.chesco.org/human. Once on the site, locate the Refer Web icon, click on it and start searching.



Sally is the Center's very own Information & Assistance Specialist. Her responsibilities included helping you find the answers to your questions.



The Oxford Senior Center is a member agency of the

United Way


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