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COVID-19 Vaccination Information
Chester County, through the Health Department, the hospitals and
other healthcare providers, are actively receiving COVID-19 vaccine
and administering it as quickly as possible. Click Here for more information.

Weekly Cold and Frozen Meal Program
thru The Chester County Department of Aging
as of August 1, 2020
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Chester County is now in the Green Phase as of June 26, 2020
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At this time we do not know when we will reopen

Due to the COVID 19 Coronavirus concerns,
federal, state and county declarations,
and concerns for our senior residents,
ALL congregate lunches, programs, AARP tax appointments,
exercise classes, and evening community group meetings
have been cancelled until further notice.

For updates visit our website at
Facebook page
or call (610) 932-5244

Please Be Safe!!

Please visit our COVID-19 Update page for more information

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Joseph Chapman




All of our wonderful volunteers who helped us throughout the entire holiday season!!


Giant Food Store, Jennersville
Chester County Food Bank
Chester County Department of Aging


Joan Appleton
Mary Baily
Patricia Baily
Robert & Dorothy Bradley
Harold & Lorraine Broomell
Barbara Bussard
Jean Catani
Louise & Butch Cooper
Francis Cornell
Phyllis Deaver
Jane Freeman
Marilyn & Gene Garthwaite
Jean & Fremont Hardy
James & Lois Herr
Randy & Sandy Kach
Kathleen Lockhart
Monique Manfield
John & Gloria Masciantonio
Donna McLimans
Marie Louise Meyers
Albert & Louise Moran
Barbara & Joseph Murphy
Judith & Howard Menzel
Dianne & John Rickards
Kathie & Noel Roy
Jahan Sheikholeslami
Elsie & Gale Shepherd
Anne Marie Smith
Harold & Lynn Swisher
Shirley Terry
Irene Tingley
Dorothy Waltz
Doris Wilson
Ramona & Wayne Wrigley
Beiler-Campbell Realtors
Cameronís Hardware
OxHaven Ltd


In Memory

We wish to offer our condolences to the family and acquintances of our dear friends:

Florence Brown
Lucille Campbell
Ruth Crampton
Pauline "Polly" James
Terri Jones
June Macauley
Theresa Messner
Frank Moroney
Barbara Scott
Myles Standish




Alice Moroney
Regina Standish
And to the Families of:
  Florence Brown
  Lucille Crampton
  Ruth Crampton
  Pauline "Polly" James
  Terri Jones
  June Macauley
  Theresa Meussner
  Frank Moroney
  Barbara Scott
  Myles Standish

To all our Friends and Family
during this COVID-19 Pandemic.
Stay Safe!



In 2002 the Center's Board of Directors established an Endowment Fund to provide funds to help defray general operating costs.

Contributions to this fund, large or small, are invested to generate interest and dividends to provide money to help pay costs such as utilities, insurance, building maintenance and other operating expenses.

The principal can not be spent, just the interest and dividends. Hopefully this fund will provide operating funds long into the future.

When making your future financial plans, please consider a contribution to our Endowment Fund.

Thank you



Endowment Fund Donations

We wish to thank the following
donors for their donations

In Memory of //



Endowment Fund Donations

We wish to thank the following
donors for their donations

In Memory of //










Want to become a Member or renew your Membership?

The Information Form is available at the center or you can click here to print the form (or click here for our fillable form). Our Center operates on a fiscal year basis, which begins July 1 and ends June 30. We encourage everyone to try to pay your membership donation in the same month of each year. The date that you last paid your dues is located on the front cover of your newsletter above your name and address. If you have any questions, please call and talk to one of our staff.

Please notice the Medical Update Section. Please complete this form, especially the medical section. For your protection, we need to be current with all or your Medical Information.

For statistical purposes, Chester County Department of Aging requests that we gather from everyone the last four digits of your social security number, date of birth and minimum income levels. This information drastically affects our funding availability so the more information we have, the more we can help you. *Of course all this information will be kept confidential.

Please come in and update your information form when you renew your membership donation.

Thank you for keeping all of your contact and medical information up to date, it's in your best interest. Your $15 membership donation helps us with funds to maintain programs and services that we provide at the senior center. If you need help in completing the yearly membership data form, please ask for assistance. We'll be glad to HELP.










The Oxford Senior Center is a member agency of the

United Way


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