The Information Form is available at the center or you can click here to print the form. Our Center operates on a fiscal year basis, which begins July 1 and ends June 30. We encourage everyone to try to pay your membership donation in the same month of each year. The date that you last paid your dues is located on the front cover of your newsletter above your name and address. If you have any questions, please call and talk to one of our staff.

Please notice the Medical Update Section. Please complete this form, especially the medical section. For your protection, we need to be current with all or your Medical Information.

For statistical purposes, Chester County Department of Aging requests that we gather from everyone the last four digits of your social security number, date of birth and minimum income levels. This information drastically affects our funding availability so the more information we have, the more we can help you. *Of course all this information will be kept confidential.

Please come in and update your information form when you renew your membership donation.

Thank you for keeping all of your contact and medical information up to date, it's in your best interest. Your $15 membership donation helps us with funds to maintain programs and services that we provide at the senior center. If you need help in completing the yearly membership data form, please ask for assistance. We'll be glad to HELP.


If you have eaten lunch at the senior center since July 1, 2015, you will be asked to complete a NAT-E Information Form. The Oxford Area Senior Center is fortunate to receive significant financial support from the Chester County Department of Aging Services (CCDAS) that enables us to offer you the diversity of programs and meals that we do.  As this is taxpayer-funded revenue passed down from the federal and state level, we have an obligation to CCDAS to present proof that we have spent these funds on programs for you and that you really do exist!  Ranked by median household income, Chester County is the wealthiest county in Pennsylvania. This NAT-E form will show proof and also confirm not everyone living in Chester County is wealthy, especially our senior citizens. Many of our senior citizens need our Noon-Time Lunch program to receive the daily dietary nutrients to exist. Please help us to help CCDAS; please complete this form. Thank you!
Voluntary confidential contributions are not requested from individuals below 185% of the poverty level. Poverty guidelines are posted and available at the senior center.

Posted 5/2/2016


LUNCH - Policy and procedures that we follow are based on our Food Vendor, the Chester County Health Department, and the Chester County Department of Aging (CCDAS), who helps fund the program. We need your assistance to make our noon meal run smoothly and efficiently. The procedure we follow is:

  1. Approzimately one-two weeks before the 1st of each month, Lunch Sign-up sheets are placed at the Hostess desk for each week day of the.
  2. You sign up for lunch, by printing your First and Last Name. There are no Take-out meals. In addition, the Health Department and CCDAS discourages taking any leftovers home due to the possible health risks of food contamination. Therefore, we cannot provide any wrap, containers or storage for this purpose. You must sign up for lunch by 3pm every Tuesday for the ENTIRE following week. You can also sign up for the entire month.
  3. The lunch order is placed with our Food Vendor every Tuesday afternoon. When the meals are ordered, the sign up sheet will indicate the # of meals available. Below that will be lines indicating no more meals are available.
  4. If you forget to order lunch in time, you can sign in any open spots on the lunch sign up sheet. If there are no open spots, we can place you on a waiting list.
  5. Day of the Lunch - when you enter the building, please sign into the Copilot and indicate you are eating lunch. Pick up your name card and take it into the dining room. You may place your name card on any table at an empty spot that has a placemat.
  6. Reason for Placemats - We use placemats to indicate the number of consumers eating lunch. We only place them on tables that have been sanitized. When the staff/volunteers are serving the meal, we only serve consumers sitting at placemats. Before lunch, for sanitary reasons, please do not sit and socialize at a placemat where there is someone else’s name card. (Sanitization guidelines dictated by Health Department.) To help accommodate larger groups or friends sitting together it is best that you come in early to save your seat.. If you are having difficulty finding places for everyone in your group, we ask that you get the assistance from our Kitchen Supervisor and let her assist you. DO NOT MOVE NAME CARDS.
  7. A Money envelope is provided for your voluntary, confidential lunch donation WE CANNOT PROVIDE CHANGE AT THE LUNCH TABLE. We do provide change at the hostess desk before lunch. Please get Change before 11:45 am.
  8. If you are not able to make your lunch reservation, please call us so that we can find someone else to purchase your lunch. Help us prevent waste.
  9. We serve lunch promptly at 12:00 pm. We need you to be seated by 11:55 am so that we can efficiently serve all components of your lunch. If you are not seated when we are delivering milk, juice, serving coffee, tea and lunch you will probably not be served a meal. We do not serve an empty place setting. By standing or walking around in the Dining Room during this time, you become a safety hazard to those who are trying to serve you. Please remain seated.
  10. It is your responsibility to clean the table, dispose of your trash and return utensils and cups to the Kitchen window for cleaning. All condiments are to be placed on the buffet table as well as your Name cards which should be put in the basket provided, which is also on the buffet table.

Remember that lunch is a great opportunity to not only get a nutritious meal but a way to socialize and get to know others. Please help us to give you an enjoyable experience.

Revised 8/1/18


The Oxford Senior Center is a member agency of the

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